Weekend College Flexible Degree Program

At SRJC you can earn an associate degree almost entirely on the weekends and online. For an informative packet, contact the Office of the Dean for Liberal Arts and Sciences at (707) 521-7888 or email Megan Lowry Reed (mlowryreed@santarosa.edu). Click the “Steps to Enrolling” link on the left to begin.

If you have always wanted to complete a college degree, but work or family responsibilities prevent you from attending classes during the week, this program is designed especially for you. You may earn an Associate degree in two to five years depending on how many units fit into your busy schedule. We recommend that you take 9 to 12 units per semester in order to complete in a timely manner; however, units can vary depending on your needs. An Associates degree requires 60 units.

  • Classes meet on Friday evenings or Saturdays
  • Many classes combine face-to-face meetings and online learning, requiring fewer hours on campus
  • Fees are the same as other classes at SRJC, much lower than the high cost of online programs at private colleges
  • Classes are open to everyone and they fill quickly, so plan to apply and register at your earliest opportunity
  • Complete the general education pattern for CSU or UC on the weekends or online
  • Complete your major almost entirely online

Earn an Associate Degree in the following majors that are taught almost entirely online:


Convenient Class Schedule – Weekend College classes are scheduled to meet only on Friday evenings and Saturdays. Classes run both full semester (18 weeks) or half of the semester (8 weeks). Many classes are taught partially online, with face-to-face meetings scheduled on Friday evening or Saturdays. Students may also take any other day or evening classes that fit their schedules.

Highly Affordable – Enrollment fees are the same as any other community college class. Students are eligible to apply for any of our scholarships or financial aid.

High Quality – The Weekend College is part of Santa Rosa Junior College and is fully accredited. Our outstanding faculty, both full-time and part-time, teach in the program.

Transfer to a Four-year College or University
Courses offered in the Weekend College are intended to meet the lower division general education requirements for the California State University and the University of California. These general education patterns can be combined with any of the SRJC majors to earn an associate degree. The four majors listed above are offered mostly or entirely online.