Steps to Enrolling

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Weekend College Flexible Degree Program

To earn an associate degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences through the Weekend College Accelerated Degree Program, we urge you to call (707) 521-7888 for information or follow the easy steps outlined below to enroll today:

Step 1

Submit an official SRJC Application for Admission by directly applying online.

Step 2

Take your placement tests.

Step 3

If you have completed lower division work at other colleges, submit your college transcripts to be evaluated.

Step 4

New students need to participate in an orientation online or face to face.

Step 5

New students need to take assessment tests in Math and English.

Step 6

Meet with a counselor to develop an Educational Plan. Counseling is available on both the Santa Rosa and Petaluma campus. Currently, counseling is on a “drop in” basis.
See the "How Counseling Works" page.

Step 7

Enroll in (or have completed) these recommended courses:

  • College Skills 334: How to Take an Online Class, and
  • Counseling 60: Effective Study Workshop, or
  • Counseling 61: Introduction to Career Development, or
  • Counseling 270: Introduction to College

* Note: These classes are recommended, not required. Taking these classes before you enter the program helps ensure your success.